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Raley's to pilot imperfect produce sales

Raley’s plans to begin selling aesthetically imperfect fruit and vegetables at 10 stores in Northern California in July, according to a company spokesperson.

The retailer has partnered with Imperfect Produce to offer scarred, over- or under-sized or misshapen produce at a reduced cost to customers. According to its website, Imperfect Produce sources products from farms across California.

The pilot program at Raley’s will be called “Real Good” produce.

“Raley’s is proud to take a meaningful step forward to help reduce food waste in our country," Meg Burritt, director of wellness & sustainability, said in a statement. “Our ‘Real Good’ produce will educate our customers about the food system, offer our growers a new pathway to market their produce, and provide greater access to produce that is aesthetically imperfect, but just as flavorful and nutritious.”

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