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The laundry detergent bottle39s shell is made from 100 recycled materials and is itself recyclabe
<p> The laundry detergent bottle&#39;s shell is made from 100% recycled materials and is itself recyclabe.</p>

Safeway Leverages Recyclable, Compostable Bottle

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Safeway is rolling out Bright Green 4x laundry detergent in recyclable and compostable bottles made from cardboard and old newspaper.

The Eco.bottle is comprised of a moisture resistant outer shell, an inner pouch and a polypropolene cap, according to Ecologic Brands, the Oakland, Calif., company that developed and manufactures the outer shell and inner pouch.


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The shell is made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled up to seven more times or composted.

The pouch uses up to 70% less plastic than comparable plastic jugs, can be recycled with plastic shopping bags at retailer drop-off bins, and is BPA-free.

“Based on a life cycle analysis that measures environmental impact across raw material extraction, fabrication, shipping, storage and end-of-life, the Ecologic bottle outperforms rigid plastic across key metrics,” said Jack Wei, director of marketing for Ecologic Brands.

During the Eco.bottle’s life cycle, 37% less carbon dioxide is emitted compared to plastic, 59% less solid waste is generated and 48% less energy is consumed.

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The bottle is similar to plastic in that it is compatible with existing fill lines (with minor part adjustments). There are differences too.

“The biggest drawback is it cannot stay in a wet environment 24-7, like a shower or bathtub,” said Wei. “The molded fiber material is, however, moisture resistant and water does not penetrate for up to 6 hours.”

Seventh Generation was the first national brand to use the bottle in 2011. Topco also leveraged the packaging but on a limited basis. Safeway’s rollout is notable since it’s the first to involve a nationally distributed store brand, said Wei.

Bright Green comprises home care products made with biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients.

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