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Walmart Canada launches sustainable grocery delivery

Service kicks off in metro Vancouver in partnership with Food-X

Walmart Canada has introduced a sustainable online grocery delivery option in metropolitan Vancouver through a partnership with Food-X Urban Delivery Inc.

Food-X uses food waste reduction technology and practices and reduces truck trips and GHG emissions by consolidating orders and increasing delivery density. The Burnaby, British Columbia-based company also cuts down on plastic through the use of low-waste and compostable packaging.  

To use the service, launched on Thursday, Walmart Vancouver shoppers order their groceries at or via the Walmart app, pay by credit card and choose a delivery time window. Their order then will be delivered to their door in reusable totes by Food-X as soon as the next day.

Customers can order Canadian No. 1-grade fruit and vegetables, including B.C.-grown produce, as well as from an expanded selection of organic produce, Canadian beef, chicken and pork, dairy, baked goods, frozen food and pantry items. Nonfood products also are available, such as health and beauty aids, household supplies, pet food, baby food and diapers. The minimum order is $50 before taxes, and delivery costs $9.97.

“Consumers are seeking out options to save time and money, and Walmart is proud to offer more choices, including sustainable delivery,” Daryl Porter, vice president of omnichannel operations and online grocery for Walmart Canada, said in a statement.

“Our strategic collaboration with Food-X supports our belief that environmental and business sustainability go hand in hand. Food-X is a leader in sustainability in Vancouver, and we are proud to partner with a like-minded, environmentally conscious operation,” he added.

Walmart Canada marks the first national customer for Food-X, which is part of Vancouver-based Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. (SPUD), one of Canada’s largest online grocery companies.

Employing SPUD’s proprietary technology, the 74,000-square-foot Food-X facility helps make last-mile home delivery more sustainable via shared warehousing among retailers, which enables order consolidation and translates into fewer trucks on the road. In addition, the use of compostable packaging and several bio-digesters to compost meat and produce lower food waste to an industry-leading 0.5%, according to the company.

In April, Walmart unveiled a three-part plan to reach zero food waste in its Canadian operations by 2025. The strategy includes improving operational efficiencies, boosting food donations and providing philanthropic support. 

“Consumer demand for online grocery shopping is growing, and that means more trucks on the road,” said Food-X CEO Peter van Stolk. “We have built a best-in-class platform to get fresh food and groceries from the supplier to the kitchen while reducing waste and lowering emissions. We are very proud that Walmart is committed to zero food waste by 2025, and we are excited to be partnered with them on this goal.”

Overall, Walmart Canada operates 410 stores and serves more than 1.2 million customers daily. The online store is visited by more than 750,00 customers per day.

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