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Trip Mission Growth Strategies

Trip Mission Growth Strategies

IDENTIFY CORE SHOPPER MISSIONS: Analyze trip mix by store and key consumer segments; benchmark vs. channel and competition to isolate growth opportunities; understand product & shopping path patterns to define optimal store layout and product placement.

EVALUATE STORE LAYOUT: Ensure a positive trip experience by aligning layout with consumer objectives. Offer solution centers at the front of the store for commonly-purchased quick trip items.

ADDRESS PRODUCT SHELF AND DISPLAY LOCATION: Place commonly purchased products within the trip mission path and adjacent to other high purchase products to maximize basket size and streamline the shopping experience. Place snacks in secondary locations within quick trip and special purpose trip paths.

REFINE ASSORTMENT: Wide assortment will be most critical in securing and retaining routine pantry stocking and fill-in trips; consumers on special purpose trips may be looking for more unusual items.

DEFINE PRICING AND PROMOTION: Consumers on quick trips are likely to be less price-sensitive, enabling higher-margin sales.

MEASURE, MONITOR AND REFINE: Track your ability to attract, retain and grow sales within core & target trip missions.

Source: IRI Shopper Insights™, 52 weeks ending 9/6/06