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The CPG Basket: Fostering Growth in a Time of Conservation


It is a time of conservation. The country has weathered The Great Recession and many months of adverse economic conditions. For many, getting by has meant embracing frugal and well-thought-out purchase strategies.

In a sense, today’s consumer has a new mindset. Understanding that mindset at the time the consumer is planning and making her CPG purchases is absolutely critical, for it is during this purchase process that the consumer goes on a mission. And, on this mission, the consumer becomes the shopper.

CPG marketers have not stood idly by and watched the metamorphosis that has occurred during the course of the downturn. They have employed many and varied strategies to enhance their value propositions and to attract and retain shoppers.

The economy, the consumer and the CPG marketplace continue to change at a rapid pace. CPG marketers, too, must change in order to remain relevant and top of mind.

Select Findings

  • Grocery, supercenter and club channel retailers capture a majority of their sales dollars during pantry stock-up missions. During the past several years, quick trips have captured increased share of sales in each of these channels. These gains occurred largely at the expense of pantry stock-up missions within grocery and club. Pantry stock-up trends remained largely flat in the supercenter arena.





  • Quick trip missions are capturing share of spending across a majority of channels and income segments, but growth is strongest across middle and upper income brackets. Among lower-earning households, quick trip growth is occurring at a slower pace, and is strongest in the drug and dollar store channels.




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