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1686002585022.jpg Associated Wholesale Grocers
Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc., hosted a ribbon-cutting event for its new all-in-one distribution hub in Hernando, Miss.

Associated Wholesale Grocers unveils tech-infused distribution hub

New facility features advanced intelligence and automation for long-term growth

Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc., hosted a ribbon-cutting event for its new all-in-one distribution hub in Hernando, Miss. The facility features advanced intelligence, automation technology, “and an evolved organizational infrastructure designed to enable long-term [and], sustainable growth … ” the cooperative food wholesaler announced on its LinkedIn page. 

The ceremony included the Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson, and Lee Caldwell (board of Desoto County Board of Supervisors – District 4). Furthermore, Associated Wholesale Grocers said the new hub will help the company and the region attract, develop, and retain an engaged workforce.

When it first released the plans to build the hub, Associated Wholesale Grocers CEO David Smith said, “Our industry is ever-changing, and it is our mission to provide our member retailers all of the products, services, and tools they need to compete favorably in all markets served, all at the best possible cost.”

After a review and evaluation of the company’s growth and facilities (including sustainability measures), Associated Wholesale Grocers determined the all-in-one facility would meet the future needs of the company.

“We are excited to be able to significantly expand what we stock and ship to our member stores while becoming more efficient and cost-effective in our operations. This new facility will be a critical component in our plan to build a safer, better, and more efficient supply chain. In addition to becoming the primary supply source for the region, we will also leverage this new operation as an expanded variety source to all of our facilities and member stores,” Smith added at the grand-opening event.

The cooperative food wholesaler formed a partnership with system integrator, operator, and logistics service provider WITRON for its advanced intelligence, order picking, and automation technology.

The WITRON system is integrated into the handling of case and pallet goods, ambient temperature, refrigerated perishables, and frozen foods, as well as the handling of individual unit products — in order to increase the throughput of products, increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, and reduce loss due to damaged goods. 




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