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Report: Consumers turning to AI for holiday recipes and grocery lists

More than two out of every five shoppers said they’ll rely on the technology for holiday planning

Shoppers are preparing for the holidays, and this year, many are relying on artificial intelligence to help them in a number of ways, according to a report released on Monday from Kroger’s in-house data analytics service 84.51°.

Forty-four percent of survey respondents said they will use AI for their holiday planning. Of those, 15% plan to use the tech to help make a grocery list, 13% to search for new recipes and 11% to help brainstorm gift ideas. 

While more consumers will utilize AI for their recipes this year, 27% of those planning to try a new recipe will rely on the more traditional sources of friends and family (41%), recipe websites (39%), cookbooks (28%) and Pinterest (23%).

It could be a big year for grocers, as 51% of respondents said they plan to eat at restaurants less during the holidays this year. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds (68%) aim to buy the same amount of groceries this year as they did in 2022. 

Baking festive cookies and treats came in as the second most popular activity planned for the holidays this year at 55%. Other holiday activities were lost to no cost, according to the report. Sixty-one percent plan to watch movies at home, 49% will decorate their homes inside and out, and 48% will drive around and look at the holiday decorations, the study added.

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