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How to Plan for the HFC Phasedown with Opteon

Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET

It’s crucial for retailers to have a plan as another reduction in the production of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) approaches. During this session, our team will cover how to effectively plan for the phase down by providing an in depth look at ASDA Ltd. , a leading retailer with over 500 grocery locations across Europe. Their unique approach has allowed them to not only effectively navigate the HFC phase down in Europe but meet their sustainability objectives in the process. Participants will also receive an update on the Opteon™ refrigerants portfolio and an overview as to when we expect next generation technologies to become available in the North America market

Participates can expect to receive:

  • An update on the AIM Act and the effects we are seeing in the market
  • An overview on refrigerants available today that support the use of lower GWP technologies in new equipment and retrofits
  • Insights about next generation, low GWP refrigerants that will be available to retailers in the coming years
  • An overview on ASDA’s methodology for navigating the HFC phasedown
  • Details on product and technical support Chemours can offer to your business

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Mitch Newsome.jpgMitch Newsome
Market Development Consultant- Retail Refrigeration 
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  NA Marketing Manager, Thermal and Specialized Solutions 

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Executive Editor
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