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Building a new & safer labor force

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As the pandemic unfolded, retailers were immediately faced with a daunting labor challenge. As restaurants and other businesses closed down, the grocery industry offered an option for the out-of-work or underemployed, while retailers offered raises and bonuses to the associates in their stores while taking steps to keep them safe. We’ll talk about the challenges of building this army of frontline workers and how grocery store workers became everyday heroes in a crisis —and how labor issues will evolve as businesses emerge from COVID-19. 

Among the topics:

  • Providing a safe workplace in the face of COVID-19
  • Recruiting, hiring and retention challenges
  • Recognizing associates as everyday heroes (bonuses, hazard pay)
  • Training & educating associates on new protocols
  • Creating a work force to meet the challenges of online grocery demands

"Bonus Lightning Keynote: How to Keep Employees Safe"

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Larry Cleary
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Matt Lutcavage
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Laura Croff
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Michael Browne - Moderator
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Supermarket News