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Driving Growth in e-Commerce with Micro-Fulfillment

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With the explosion in online grocery sales, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, more retailers are considering and/or installing micro-fulfillment centers to automate picking and assembly of e-commerce orders. We’ll cover the growth of micro-fulfillment, how MFCs work, their benefits, deployments at grocery retailers, and the promise of micro-fulfillment to help drive profitable growth in online grocery.

Bonus Lightning Keynote: Where does micro-fulfillment fit in an overall grocery fulfillment strategy? Presented by Orckestra

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Emerson Delgado
Consulting Manager


Max Pedro
Co-founder and President
Takeoff Technologies


Vincent Trépanier
Vice-President of Strategy and Alliances, e-Commerce


Russell Redman - Moderator
Senior Editor
Supermarket News