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Rising to Today’s Grocery Sanitation Challenge: Driving Success Through Best Practices & Robotics

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The recent health crisis has prioritized cleaning efficacy in grocery stores and other essential businesses like never before. But what is the new standard for clean in today’s changing world, and how can store operations and facilities executives rise to meet perhaps the greatest challenge of their careers? Dave Frank, a nationally recognized expert in commercial cleaning process improvement, will be joined by experts from Tennant Co. and Brain Corp, who in partnership together have successfully deployed thousands of robotics scrubbers in grocery and retail stores, including two of the nation’s largest chains.

  • Learn the latest retail cleaning best practices that decrease the risk of disease transfer and improve safety, while maintaining the store image that customers expect. 
  • Learn how a growing number of grocery stores are utilizing autonomous cleaning robots to enhance cleaning efficacy and give time back to essential workers so they can sanitize high-contact surfaces, restock shelves, support customers and even catch a much-needed break.


Dave Frank
American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS)


Chris Wright
Commercial Cleaning Expert and VP of Sales
Brain Corp


Dennis Collins
Senior Product Manager of Robotics
Tennant Company


Alan Liddle - Moderator
Senior Data & Events Editor
NRN Restaurant & Food Group