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WFM Fishmongers Prepare for Final Face-off

AUSTIN, Texas — Whole Foods Markets’ fishmonger finalists are ready to compete for the “golden trident trophy” at the Fishmonger Face-Off on June 16 in Aspen, Colo.

It will be a challenge of brains and brawn. The fishmongers will both participate in a trivia contest and a timed salmon fillet challenge.

The finalists shared their qualifications and training rituals in a video promoting the event (see below).

The fishmongers heading to the competition are:

  • Michael Schmitz, Encinitas, California
  • Bob Reany, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  • Abbatt Story, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Andres Barroso, Swampscott, Massachusetts
  • Zach Langford, Austin, Texas
  • Jordan Silva, Naples, Florida
  • Ken Riccardi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Alejandro Macias, Los Gatos, California
  • Andrew Ogden, Red Bank, N.J.
  • Heriberto Medina, Deerfield, Illinois
  • Cavan Hua, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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