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Leaders need human dynamic, Woodward tells NGA

President Obama has failed to understand what grocery executives already know — "that as leaders, you must learn the importance of the human dynamic" — Bob Woodward, associate editor of the Washington Post, said last night at the opening sessions of the annual NGA convention in Las Vegas.

Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward

The gridlock that exists in Washington D.C. is "a leadership issue," he said.  "As the CEO of the U.S., Obama bears most of the responsibility for the gridlock.  Reagan and Clinton found ways to work their will on many issues, and George W. Bush understood the power of the presidency, but Obama doesn't understand the power of his office.

"He's smart, and he realizes where he came from, but he brings a restraint to the office of the president and doesn't exercise the power he has to work things out.  He doesn't connect with either Republicans or Democrats.  He could pursue more personal relationships if he wanted to,  but he just won't do it."

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