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Walmart grocery pickup test off to a good start

Walmart grocery pickup test off to a good start

Walmart is pleased with initial test results from its just-launched grocery pickup concept.

“It’s doing well,” Andy Murray, SVP of Creative at Walmart Marketing, said during a keynote presentation Thursday at the Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo in Minneapolis.           

Walmart's Andy Murray
Walmart's Andy Murray

Walmart Pickup — Grocery, being tested in one location at a Walmart warehouse in Bentonville, Ark., is a service that allows customers to order online from a selection of 10,000 grocery and household products.

Consumers who want to use the service must first register online with an email address.

Once they place their order, they pull into a parking lot with about six kiosks. They confirm their order at the kiosk, and are given a designated parking spot. An associate greets them and loads their groceries into their cars.

Citing other services like Walmart to Go and self-checkout, Murray describes the test as an additional way for Walmart to meet its consumers’ needs.

“Our goal is to help them get their items fast,” he said.

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