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Coca-Cola, Mondelez partner for snack solution

A joint occasion-based snack merchandising program was a success for Coca-Cola and Mondelez International, executives from both companies’ said in a Shopper Marketing Summit presentation.

“The goal was to provide quick and convenient access to products already consumed together,” said Michael Tilley, associate director of Shopper Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Mondelez.

Tara Bartelt, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of strategic partnerships.
Tara Bartelt, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of strategic partnerships.

The program features a snack and beverage merchandising rack that can be merchandised in the perimeter as a destination center. The rack is available in a smaller version for retailers who want to use it in the deli or another department.

“We created a rack that could fit in any retail or channel outlet,” Tilley said of the program, which launched in March 2013 and marks one of the largest joint efforts between the two companies.

The program comes at a time when 63% of shoppers have specific occasions in mind as they shop for snacks, and 33% agree it would help if stores provided meal and snack solutions.

“Consumers want to see products together that they would consume together,” said Tilley.

The displays combine Triscuit, Ritz, Oreo and other Mondelez brands with Coke, Dasani, Powerade and other items in the Coca-Cola portfolio. Entertaining ideas, coupons and mobile promotions support the display.

“This is more about a solution than a brand-sell,” said Tara Bartelt, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of strategic partnerships.  “We paired brands to offer relevant solutions.”

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