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The path to digital targeting

Partnering with our clients on digital targeting has become a labor of love for us at Catapult because it’s driving better results. Moreover, it’s teaching us things we never knew about out client’s customers. 

Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson

It reminds me of a story of how we got the newest member of our household (the four-legged variety).

My wife immediately was attracted to the puppies, and I had to agree. It was easy to sit down with a puppy and quickly fall in love with it. 

My 12-year-old daughter took a more mature approach. She had created a list of all the traits she wanted in her new dog: obedient, house-trained, quiet (the barking dogs would not pass muster), and her hope that the dog would happily sleep at the bottom of her bed every night. She walked through the cages of the adult dogs, earnestly judging each dog against her criteria. 


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After 15 minutes, both my wife and daughter had made their own selections, but because our daughter had taken the time to understand the characteristics required for the best fit, we ended up filling out the paperwork and walking out the door with five-year-old Ranger, while Muffin was put back in the puppy room.

Data-driven marketing is a lot like my adventure at the animal shelter: It’s very easy to fall for the first procedure that gives you a quick positive result. It’s a lot harder to do the real work required to understand exactly what target traits and communication messaging will yield the best results.

Catapult, part of Epsilon, and Mars Petcare partnered with Dollar General to understand the most valuable current Dollar General segments and how we can use Epsilon data to reach a similar, but larger audience of pet households that shop the value channel. Taking the time to understand these segments made all the difference to driving the best results.

Robinson spoke about the Dollar General/Mars/Catapult program in a Shopper Marketing Summit yesterday.

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