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Walmart: Proud to be an American

After achieving success in food, Walmart is strengthening its general merchandise local sourcing.

“It’s not just great for produce, it’s also great for general merchandise,” Andy Murray, Walmart’s SVP of creative, said in a keynote presentation at the Shopper Marketing Summit in Schaumburg, Ill.

Walmart has announced that it will spend $250 billion on U.S.-manufactured products over next 10 years.

Andy Murray, SVP, Creative, Walmart
Andy Murray, SVP, Creative, Walmart

Local sourcing helps Americans get jobs, supports the local community and creates a more efficient supply chain, said Murray.

“U.S. manufacturing and the jobs it creates is something our customers care deeply about,” he said.

Responding to consumer concerns is that it’s not always easy to tell if a product is American-made, Walmart created an online microsite that aggregates about 4,000 American-made products.

“The microsite makes it easier for our customers to buy American-made,” he said.

Walmart also debuted new television ads and online videos that tell the story of how local sourcing not only helps individuals, but also local communities.

Walmart will hold its second U.S. Manufacturing Summit in August in Denver.

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