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Ahold Banners Tag Gluten-Free Foods

CARLISLE, Pa. — Ahold USA's Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin's banners are highlighting their integrated mix of gluten-free foods with about 3,000 new shelf tags that say “gluten free.”

The number of tagged items is expected to grow as the retailers evaluate additional gluten-free products and investigate the gluten status of nonfoods, which can be harmful to those who are sensitive to gluten.

“We’re looking to tag nonfood products such as shampoo, lotions and vitamins,” Suzi Robinson, spokeswoman for Stop & Shop’s New England division told SN. “More products will be confirmed and added on a rolling basis.”

In other wellness news, Stop & Shop has unveiled the inaugural issue of Kid Healthy Ideas, a free quarterly magazine featuring health-related articles, games and recipes geared toward children ages 8 to 12. An extension of Stop & Shop’s Healthy Ideas magazine for adults, Kid Healthy Ideas complements a hands-on field trip by the same name.

“We’re trying to offer more programs to help families and kids shop for healthier foods and get some inspiration to make healthier meals,” Robinson said.

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