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Safeway expands private label water line

Safeway is the latest retailer to launch a store brand sparkling water line.


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Its new "Ice" water is sold under its Refreshe private label. The calorie-free, vitamin-enhanced line is available in four flavors: lemonade, orange mango, pink grapefruit and black raspberry.

Safeway originally launched Refreshe several years ago as bottled water, but has since expanded the line into other beverages, including seltzer.

Safeway is promoting the new sparkling water line with a Facebook coupon for a free 17-ounce bottle.


As reported, other retailers are tapping into the sparkling water craze. Hannaford , for instance, has reintroduced its Taste of Inspirations private label sparkling water.

Originally available in Sicilian lemonade and Blood Orange, the line now includes new flavors, including Blueberry Lemonade and Coconut Lime. The beverages are sold in the juice aisle.


Along with Hannaford, other retailers have introduced private label sparkling waters. Last year, for instance, Food Lion launched the “Chill” sparkling water line. The Chill-brand beverage is sold in 17-ounce bottles in three flavors: black raspberry, orange mango and kiwi strawberry. Each sells for 75 cents.

Walgreens, meanwhile, markets a sparkling water line under its "Nice!" brand. Flavors include pink grapefruit, black raspberry and kiwi strawberry.

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