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Trend spotting: Cold-pressed juices

Trend spotting: Cold-pressed juices

From the moment I landed in Southern California for a recent vacation, there was one health trend that was loud and clear: cold-pressed juice. Samples were handed to me in stores and while I was strolling the sidewalks. Cold-pressed juice has not been heat pasteurized; it’s either juiced to order or bottled and pressure pasteurized. The juice bars were selling it both ways.

What this means to the consumer is that the juice tastes fresh because all of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes are intact. There is anywhere from one to six pounds of produce in each 16-ounce bottle, depending on the manufacturer. When we arrived in our destination city, Manhattan Beach, there were four juice bars within a two-block radius.

Get juiced

What does this mean to the grocery industry? Get juiced about cold-pressed juices, because our customers already are. They’re reading about it magazines and online. It’s trending on social media, and Hollywood A-listers are Tweeting about it and posting pictures of their juice of choice on Instagram. It’s all the buzz!

We can fill our juice coolers with the many different lines of these functional beverages now being manufactured to keep up with the demands of the people who are shopping our stores. I’m juiced about this trend, are you?

Does your store stock cold-pressed juices? What trends are all the rage in your area? Tell us in the comments!

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