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A curtain rises on new idea-sharing platform

A curtain rises on new idea-sharing platform

What makes for a healthy industry?

Sales growth. Innovation. Efficiency.

Yes, all those things. But I would argue for another one too: idea sharing.

This is especially important to keep a large, mature industry like food retail vibrant.

SN just launched a new online idea-sharing platform that’s worth a close look.

Called IdeaXchange, it serves up thoughtful, conversational content from industry experts who we’ve dubbed Xperts. Each will blog on a frequent basis and encourage feedback and respond to it.

We’re starting with four Xperts representing diverse backgrounds and styles:

Bill Bishop: A widely known veteran of industry research and thought leadership, Bill was founder of Willard Bishop Consulting. He is now chief architect of Brick Meets Click.

Simon Uwins: A highly accomplished retail marketer, Simon is the ex-CMO of Tesco, known for his pioneering efforts in the loyalty arena. He is now a consultant, blogger and educator.

Margaux Drake: A dynamic communicator, Margaux is D&W Fresh Market’s Living Well Lifestyle Expert. She is also a local TV personality and certified master raw food chef.

Neil Stern: A shrewd observer of this industry, Neil is a senior partner of McMillanDoolittle, with an expertise in areas including new retail concepts. He leads the company’s food practice.

What are our Xperts saying in their initial posts? Margaux addresses the exciting new world of infused water bars, explaining D&W’s approach and how this plays into topics including shrink and the need to attract more customer traffic during non-peak hours.

Simon outlines dynamic change in the retail-marketing arena that is “becoming the new normal for marketing everywhere.” He says retail marketers should be leaders in the effort.

Bill warns that retailers may be overestimating how much customers like their produce. He points to insights from his earlier research and urges retailers to poll customers and store-level associates.

Neil explains why U.K.-based Tesco still has notable opportunities despite recent hurdles. Citing his recent visit to stores in the U.K., he underscores positives for Tesco including its private brands program, Clubcard effort, and experimentation with new brands.

Many Xpert pieces will include interesting and relevant images, such as Margaux’s scenes of produce and infused water, and Neil’s images of Tesco’s in-store displays.


Follow @SN_News for updates throughout the day.

The main IdeaXchange online page shows our Xperts and points to their trending content. You can read more about their backgrounds on their individual author pages. You can also follow particular Xperts and comment on their posts.

IdeaXchange adds an exciting new layer to SN’s existing outlets for idea sharing, which include Industry Voices, editor Viewpoints, and videos from contributing editor Phil Lempert. And by the way, IdeaXchange is an initiative that other brands at SN’s parent company Penton are also pursuing.

I encourage you to read the Xpert posts, comment, and follow the Xperts. Let’s keep the conversation going. It’s healthy for our industry and all its participants.

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