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Cutting Double Coupons Unlikely to Hurt Kroger

Some shoppers love their double coupons. They love them so much that they can barely fathom a double-couponless world. If that world existed, surely it would be grey and joyless and rain all the time.

Well, the dark times have come, at least for Kroger shoppers in certain parts of the country. Houston, Southern California, Cincinnati and Mid-Atlantic states all had dropped the coupons over the last two years

Dillons got rid of double coupons in August and regional papers are reporting that Kroger is dropping double coupons in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, southern Indiana and southern Illinois stores on September 22.

Instead, Kroger says it will be lowering prices thousands of products across the store.

Several of the regional reports point to the Bring Back Doubles Facebook page and website as evidence of customer dissatisfaction with axing the double coupons.

And there are several angry customers out there.





But the customer fire — which burned so strong at the beginning of  the double coupon loss  — seems to be waning.

While certain shoppers are indeed still passionate about preserving double coupons, there weren’t nearly as many comments on Facebook and Twitter as I’d anticipated after Kroger announced the newest round of double coupon eliminations.



In fact, I noticed that the Bring Back Doubles Facebook page only has 1,388 “likes,” which sounds like a lot until you compare it to the 602,977 “likes” Kroger’s regular Facebook page has.

Plus, with Kroger’s more than 2,400 locations, that’s less than one dissatisfied customer per store.

In the end, Kroger is bound to lose a few customers over double coupons, but it seems the great majority has moved on. 




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