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Fresh Summit 2012: Inside 99 Ranch Market

Fresh Summit 2012: Inside 99 Ranch Market

99 Ranch Market in Anaheim, Calif. was the first stop on the Fresh Summit Retail produce tour. The store was so welcoming that they gave each tour participant a goodie bag.

For me, the most striking part of 99 Ranch Market, a retailer that specializes in Asian product offerings, is the amount and variety of fresh product they offer

And let me emphasize that when I say fresh, I mean fresh. I sat there and watched a seafood associate pull two fishes out of the tank for a customer. He prepared it there on the counter. Ultra fresh.

Unlike at other retailers in the area, you won’t see many organic labels here. Tour materials listed 3 SKUs as the entirety of the organic produce offerings because it seems that 99 Ranch Market’s customer base doesn’t value the organic label.

The store’s 250 produce SKUs bring in 15 to 20% of 99 Ranch Market’s total store sales, according to PMA.

Here’s a photo gallery from my visit if you want to take a closer look at the store's fresh food offerings.

Go to the Fresh Summit landing page for more blog posts, galleries and news.

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