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Fresh Summit 2013: Taking Displays to Another Level

Fresh Summit 2013: Taking Displays to Another Level

The produce department at Breaux Mart’s Magazine Street location is only 1,200 square feet, but the retailer makes the space count. Breaux Mart places detailed satellite displays around the department — each carefully composed.

What really made these displays stand out during the Fresh Summit Retail Produce Tour is their use of different textures and heights. Check out a few displays:

This display incorporates a small, colorful bucket of avocadoes on the side and boxes of produce on the bottom. The store merchandises different types of tomatoes to the left and right of the large display in small clamshell and bag containers.

Here, Breaux Mart uses the floor to merchandise the pumpkins, piles the potatoes on a slanted table and puts two small bucket displays on the side. This mixed presentation makes the products more interesting to look at than if they were placed on a flat table.

Breaux Mart also takes a multi level approach in the floral department (see left). A variety of plants sit on risers with Halloween theme products on a shelf above.

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