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Meet the iPill

Meet the iPill

ipill-02-370.jpgFruits, vegetables and other healthy foods are great and all, but there’s one thing they’re sorely lacking: a microprocessor.

Yes, even pinpoint functional compounds like omega 3-s and probiotics come up short in comparison to the latest in pharmaceutical technology. The iPill, unveiled recently at the always hot-and-happening American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists conference, is an 11 x 26 millimeter tablet that delivers targeted doses of medication into your system. Doing this supposedly makes it more effective than conventional pills. And by honing in on just the right spot in your gut, scientists with developing company Philips say, the iPill cuts down on nasty side effects that come with many drugs.

It’s only in the prototype stage right now, and so far the iPill is intended to only treat digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease and colitis. But it’s being touted as a valuable research tool. And in a world where food and medicine are becoming increasingly intertwined, a future full of bionic apples, carrots and potato chips doesn’t really seem so farfetched.