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Pies celebrate Pi Day

How best to show your devotion to the mathetmatical constant  π pi than to eat tons of pie on Pi Day? Luckily, retailers are helping those consumers purchase pie while also showing off their playful side on social media. 

For instance, Safeway and PCC Natural Markets are offering pies for $3.14 cents.

Meijer and Jewel-Osco are using Pi Day as an excuse to tell very bad jokes on Twitter:

Even the president is being photographed showing his Pi Day fidelity.

However, there is a small, vocal movement (one person large as far as I can tell) that argues that pie should not be eaten for Pi Day. L.V. Anderson of the Slate says that March is a terrible time to eat pie due to produce being out of season. One solution the author proposes is to expand Pi Day celebrations to include foods that begin with "Pi-" besides just, well, pie. Pierogi, pine nuts, pitas would all make the cut under these new Pi Day rules. 

For those who support this anti-pie movement, Woodmans Food Market proposes an alternative.

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