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Rushing Toward Spring

Rushing Toward Spring

The mantra in our region of the country is “Think Spring” and looking outside my window right now, I have to wonder whether that guru of weather predictions, a groundhog named Phil, was a bit off when he predicted an early spring! But indeed there is hope, and thoughts of warmer weather make for good aisle talk with customers. Here are some starting points:

  • Revisit those New Year’s resolutions. People are starting to shed their winter clothes and may even already be thinking about bathing suits. Both can serve to remind customers that they have less time to get in shape. Health-smart eating, visits with the R.D. to get a personalized plan, learning to make those small changes, not just thinking about them, are all actions that can reignite the New Year resolve and provide a kick-start to health and nutrition.
  • Focus on safety and quality. Consumers can start a round of spring cleaning with a look at best by and use by dates on products in the pantry, the refrigerator and on the counter-top. Position the task as a family activity that gets people off the couch and into some movement. And be ready with the tools to help customers know what to keep, what to replace and why they should be on that track!
  • Introduce some food ideas that fit the seasonal values.  Although taste is still a major determinant of mealtime choices, value can make the sale, too. Make the case for value that goes beyond the idea of cost. What is the nutritional value for the investment?  How does it fit into building new food tastes? What is the environmental impact? And what about the convenience factor – time is money and your ideas should be a value on all fronts!
  • Cook! A one-word theme that is resonating in some sectors of the community. Our role as RDs is to know what and how to do it, within available resources.

And don’t forget that March is National Nutrition Month, supported by the theme of  “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day.” You can bet we are laying the groundwork for the next focus!

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