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Seafood Expo: Long John Silver’s focuses on product innovation

Seafood Expo: Long John Silver’s focuses on product innovation

Long John Silver’s will be introducing a new line of sandwiches, soups and salads in May, said chief food innovation officer Marie Zhang at a panel here at the Seafood Expo.

The soups and salads will use seafood as a key ingredient and are currently being tested in a few key markets. After the success of the recently added Ciabatta Jack Fish sandwich, the chain is expanding its sandwich line to include a panko crispy breaded sandwich, a crabcake sandwich and a seafood salad sandwich.

Long John Silver’s recent “Think Fish” marketing campaign focuses on health and sustainability, said Zhang.

The chain has been experimenting with different cooking preparations and seafood varieties, with a focus on “healthy, but indulgent” products — like baked cod — that are affordable, according to Zhang.

“In may this year we’re going to introduce panko crispy breaded fish and in October we’re going to introduce grilled white fish,” she said.

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