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Target Balances Archer Farms

Target Balances Archer Farms

As part of its food makeover, Target Corp. has boosted the nutritional profile of its bestselling, premium Archer Farms private label. The company is calling the extension “Simply Balanced.” Right now, it includes more than 70 products, such as pasta, cereal, bread pictured), crackers, granola bars and frozen pizza.

51_3_breads.jpgEach product meets nutrition criteria for fat (not more than 30% of calories); saturated Fat (a maximum of 10%); trans fat (none); sugar (maximum 25% of calories); and no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or artificial sweeteners.

While there’s not limit on sodium, “Target keeps tabs on the sodium content of the Archer Farms Simply Balanced products while still maintaining the taste quality for which the Archer Farms brand is known,” read the company’s statement.

Archer Farms was one of the first in a new generation of store brands that really built an identity separate from the store that was selling it. These so-called signature brands have become the preferred vehicle for private label growth, and almost every single supermarket offers something like this.

Expanding the name to cover wholesome ingredients and better nutrition is the next logical step for Archer Farms, which has already undergone a pretty extensive overhaul, and comes as the retailer is embarking on a major push deeper into food sales.

It’s interesting to note that Target took pains to point out the affordability of the Simply Balanced line. According to the retailer, prices range from $1.48 for a box of whole wheat pasta to $5.49 for chicken skewers. Once again, supermarkets are using private label to bring home the idea that eating well doesn’t have to be expensive.