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FreshDirect partners on Popcart recipe service

FreshDirect partners on Popcart recipe service

Popcart is the new brain child of FreshDirect and social recipe network Foodily. The service allows customers to choose recipes from any website and have the ingredients automatically put into a shopping cart for delivery.

Popcart utilizes a browser bookmarklet so that customers just highlight the ingredients for them to be identified and added to a shopping list. 

"FreshDirect is always looking to innovate and make shopping for food easier," said Jodi Kahn, FreshDirect chief consumer officer, said in a press release.

"Popcart for FreshDirect enables customers to have a new way to shop the recipes they love and cook with the freshest ingredients from FreshDirect. We're thrilled to partner with Foodily to bring this new tool to FreshDirect customers and all who cook at home. This technology takes consumers from inspiration to preparation."

Popcart is being introduced in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Delaware. 


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