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General merchandise cleans up at retail

In a category that covers so much, new household and paper goods stand out

While online retail is undeniably capturing an ever-increasing share of the general merchandise category, there is still a market in brick-and-mortar stores for products that reinvigorate the category.

General merchandise covers a wide range of products in a supermarket, often items that seem to have no connection. From motor oil to cleaning tools to kitchen storage, the category has everything. Cleaning supplies dominate the category, with new products like organic laundry detergent and “smart” sponges that indicate when it’s time to be changed. Paper goods are also always in demand, including Charmin’s new Forever Roll toilet paper and anti-viral tissues from Kleenex that actively work to fight cold and flu germs.

While paper goods and cleaning supplies may not seem like the most exciting departments of the store, “cleaner” formulas and improvements in textures, scents and ease of use can draw customers to retailer’s general merchandise sets.

Here are some of the latest new products in the general merchandise category.

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