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Natural Products Expo East 2018 trend preview: New convenience-focused products

These time-saving options offer holistic nutrition and efficacy to busy shoppers, and they're all making their debut at Natural Products Expo East 2018.

Americans are a busy bunch. And when it comes time to eating, increasingly more consumers are seeking products that shave minutes (dare we say hours?) off of meal prep. This sentiment also extends to products across categories, including personal care, lifestyle and supplements. Take a look at these new, time-saving products exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East 2018.

Supernatural Kitchen Soy-Free Girl Pow! Sprinkles

Edible decorations that contain artificial colors don’t help an organic cake. That’s why we’re thrilled about Supernatural’s plant-based sprinkles made with a blend of potato starch, sugar and coconut fat (not soy!). The tints come from spirulina, beets and turmeric. The boxing glove and star shapes are adorable, and 5 percent of profits go to the organization Girls Who Code. Just shake to add guiltfree fun. SRP: $7.99; Booth 4500

Swapples Everything

Swapples serves as a savory morning godsend for gluten-free and grain-free eaters. Made not with wheat but with starchy yuca root, this chewy, vegan frozen waffle swap is perfect to enjoy with a smear of cream cheese or vegan butter. Also inside, you’ll find coconut oil and a sprinkle of everything-flavored ingredients including sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, sea salt and garlic. Pop it in the toaster to prepare! SRP: $6.99; Booth 8175

Wildscape Peri Peri Portobellos

Say goodbye to frozen meals that look like a pile of indiscernible mush when reheated. Wildscape’s whole-food meals feature nourishing ingredients made with globally inspired flavors. This beautiful blend highlights the spicy pepper sauce peri peri by pairing it with farro, black beans, roasted mushrooms, mango, sweet potatoes and more. Sure, kitchen cooks could replicate this dish at home, but you can’t beat Wildscape’s convenience. At 350 calories per serving, it’s a meal or hefty side. SRP: $6.99; Booth 8114

SeedSheet Mini Complete Gardening Kit Herbs

Convenience enters the gardening category! This innovative gardening kit from SeedSheet takes the guesswork out of gardening by strategically arranging seed pods in a weed-blocking fabric. Simply lay the sheet on top of soil, mist to reveal the seeds inside and water regularly to grow a medley of fresh herbs. This version includes dill, basil, parsley, sorrel and chives—keep it in the kitchen for hyper-local eating. SRP: $14.99; Booth 4311

Sam’s Natural Hard Workin’ Walnut Husk Hand Scrub

Woodworkers, ranchers, mechanics, construction workers and outdoorsy people know hands get pretty grimy while working with materials like oil, grout, paint and more—and often, soap specifically designed to degrease hands contains nasty chemicals. Sam’s provides a natural hand-cleaning solution with this walnut husk-infused scrub that also contains coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, oatmeal, cocoa butter, bentonite clay and more. SRP: $14.95; Booth 2859

Ora Organics Wish You Well

These single-serve packets fit the bill for card-carrying members of Smoothie Nation and flavored-water fans alike. Created in either mango or pineapple by the company’s in-house chef, each serving contains organic acerola berry extract as a vitamin C source (200 mg), plus 5 billion CFUs of three probiotic strains: the well-known LGG, L. acidophilus and L. paracasei. SRP: $18.99; Booth 223

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