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Not your grandma’s TV dinners

Quick meals found in the frozen aisle or center store are worthy of today’s sophisticated and healthful binge-watchers

For years, frozen dinners and microwavable entrees have had a bad reputation, thanks to their sodium-rich content and second-class sides. As a result, sales of these meals have seen declines. But packaged food companies sensing an increased emphasis on convenience — partnered with a concern for healthful and sustainable ingredients — have started delivering meals that are quick to create and fit into the conscientious consumer’s diet.

Today the “category has returned to growth as category competitors have responded to consumer interest in less-processed offerings and greater cuisine variety,” said John Owen, Mintel food and drink analyst in the consumer research firm’s report on frozen and refrigerated prepared meals. “Brands and retailers can help maintain the momentum by catering to the diverse needs of a new generation of users with products that offer greater flexibility, new taste experiences and healthier eating."

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