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NPD: Urban Millennials using craft brewers at home

NPD: Urban Millennials using craft brewers at home

Young urban consumers are embracing craft coffee brewing methods such as pour over cones, French presses and vacuum brewers, according to an NPD Group report. It finds that 11% of U.S. young adults, 18 and older, brew their coffee one of these ways at home.

“Millennials, who are driven by creativity and the desire for personalization, are attracted to craft coffee brewing because of the skill and challenge involved,” said Joe Derochowski, executive director and home industry analyst at NPD, in a statement. “Craft coffee brewing enables them to participate in the experience of creating a perfect cup of coffee.”

These consumers represent 44% of at-home craft coffee brewers. More than one-third of craft coffee brewing consumers live in urban areas and therefore may be influenced by the prevalence of coffee bars and shops. The small size of these brewers are also a match with these coffee drinkers since they accommodate the space constraints of city living, notes NPD.

Its report is based on a survey developed by its partner CivicScience that found that Millennials are twice as likely as their Boomer parents to use craft brewers at home.

"While sales of automatic coffee appliances have declined, in-home consumption of coffee has grown to a new normal compared to a decade ago, and NPD is forecasting 9% growth in coffee consumption by 2024,” said Derochowski. “The craft coffee movement, which is already embraced by the country’s largest generational group, Millennials, is well-positioned to capitalize on future industry growth.”

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