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Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market was founded in 2002 when descendants of Henry Boney, who had a fruit stand in 1943 that he eventually turned into a few small stores, decided to create a bigger version of Henry’s store. Sprouts Farmers Market had 362 stores in 2021, its 19th year in business.

In 2011, Sprouts Farmers Market and Sun Harvest were purchased by Apollo Management and joined together to become Sprouts Farmers Market. In 2013, Sprouts became a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.

Sprouts Farmers Market locations operate with a focus on the environment, product quality and supply chain transparency, team members, and local communities.

As part of Sprouts' commitment to "zero waste", Sprouts participates in a food waste diversion program that provides food to those in need, feed for animals, and nutrients for agricultural soil. All edible food that is no longer fit for sale is donated to hunger relief agencies, and food that is not fit for hunger relief agencies is donated as cattle feed. Everything else is donated as compost.

90% of the products sold at Sprouts, according to the brand, meet its standards of minimal processing, artificial ingredients and colors. Sprouts also has its own private-label brand.

Key Data: Sprouts Farmers Market

Headquarters: Phoenix, Az.

U.S. Retail Banners: Sprouts Farmers Market

2020 Sales: $6.5 billion

2020 Store Locations: 362

Annual Growth (Top 50)

CEO: Jack Sinclair 

Source: Sprouts Farmers Market

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