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Cooking and baking is the top food intention for Christmas (53%) and Thanksgiving (48%). 

53% of consumers expect an economic impact on 2023 holiday plans

A new report indicates that shoppers will lean into money-saving measures like buying items on sale and using more coupons

Numerator has provided forward-looking insight into shopping and celebration intentions in its 2023 Holiday Intentions Preview report. Most celebrators say they will make a purchase related to a given holiday, but 53% expect a moderate to significant economic impact, resulting in money-saving measures such as buying items on sale, buying less, and using more coupons. Here’s what we learned:

  1. 9 in 10 celebrators say they will buy items for a given holiday; the top holidays for purchases are Christmas (98% plan to purchase something) and Halloween (96%).
  2. Thanksgiving is the top holiday for food-related purchases (88% of consumers plan to purchase), but summer cookouts are also sizzling—Independence Day (80%), Labor Day (78%) and Memorial Day (78%) celebrants also plan to purchase food.
  3. The top holidays for alcoholic beverage purchases are Cinco de Mayo (54% of consumers plan to purchase), New Year’s Eve (52%), and Independence Day (46%).
  4. For 11 out of the 14 major holidays, gathering with friends and family is the top way consumers say they will celebrate–Christmas (73%), Thanksgiving (64%), Independence Day (63%), and Easter (57%) lead the way.
  5. Cooking and baking is the top food intention for Christmas (53%) and Thanksgiving (48%). 
  6. Going out to eat or out for drinks is the top choice for Cinco de Mayo (42%), while ordering takeout sees its peak on New Year’s Eve (15%).
  7. 53% of consumers expect inflation or a potential economic slowdown to impact their 2023 holiday celebrations and shopping, so they plan to save money by buying items on sale (67%), buying less (48%), and using more coupons (47%). 
  8. Consumers prefer shopping in-store for their holiday purchases. Christmas is the only holiday where online shoppers outnumber those planning to shop in-store (75% vs 73%, respectively). 
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