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55% of Asian consumers are Gen Z or Millennials and nearly two-thirds (64%) live in urban areas.

Asian consumers prefer club stores, organic, and name brands

That consumer also is twice as likely to be vegetarian or vegan

Numerator, a producer of consumer insights and data, continues to track purchase data and survey verified buyers to understand shifts in consumer behavior. The latest consumer deep-dive report—”A Forward Focus on Wellness and the Asian Consumer”—focuses on the preferences and shopping behaviors of the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. Here’s what was learned:

  • 55% of Asian consumers are Gen Z or Millennials and nearly two-thirds (64%) live in urban areas. They are three times as likely to live in the Pacific U.S. compared to all consumers, and 39% have a household income of over $125k
  • Asian consumers are more likely than the average consumer to say they get massages (21% of Asian consumers), hike (20%), buy natural/organic foods (20%), listen to educational podcasts (11%), and subscribe to or read health and fitness magazines (10%)
  • Asian consumers are twice as likely to be vegan or vegetarian compared to all consumers. They also are more likely to say they are pescatarian, grain-free, and lactose-free
  • The top shopping channels for Asian consumers include food (30%), club (28%), and mass retailers (15%). Compared to all consumers, the club channel sees an especially disproportionate spend from Asian consumers (28% vs. 12%
  • Asian consumers are 58% more likely to have a negative perception of private label quality–they believe popular brand names indicate higher quality and are preferred, even when private label is on sale
  • 71% of Asian consumers report some commitment to organic (vs. 58% of all consumers), and they are 80% more likely to pay any price for organic grocery items. Top organic brands purchased by Asian consumers include Foster Farms Organic (5x more likely to purchase) and Harmless Harvest and Made in Nature (3x more likely to purchase)
  • A commitment to organic body soap/wash (22% of Asian consumers purchase), organic facial care (21%), and organic body lotions (20%) shows that the need for organic products extends beyond the grocery sector
  • Sun protection is the top facial care purchase among Asian consumers (62% purchase). Thirty-one percent of Asian consumers say they try to avoid the sun whenever possible, and 27% are concerned about the aging effects of the sun
  • Asian consumers are 79% more likely to buy celebrity-endorsed products and 15% more likely to buy dermatologist-recommended products. When using social media, Asian consumers are 37% more likely to follow celebrities, 36% more likely to follow internet influencers / personalities, and 9% more likely to use it for product reviews / ratings
  • Asian consumers spend over $150 more per year in the Health & Beauty sector compared to all consumers, but they purchase fewer units. A greater likelihood to purchase premium products from brands like Estee Lauder, Dior and NARS (2x more likely to purchase) highlights the association between name brand and quality


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