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Podcast: Shrinkflation (and how it’s affecting loyalty)

SN sat down with analyst Emily Moquin to talk about current consumer perception around shrinkflation


Consumers are hyper aware of inflation, which is also translating to a hypervigilance around shrinkflation too. So writes Emily Moquin, food and beverage analyst at data intelligence firm Morning Consult, in a recent report on the phenomenon, common in the grocery industry.

According to the study, a majority of U.S. adults perceive shrinking packages and portion sizes, resulting in choosing alternative brands and products. The ultimate takeaway? Food & beverage companies need to ensure they maintain positive consumer perception or risk losing goodwill permanently. 

SN Off the Shelf sat down with Moquin to dive in further on what this means for grocery. 

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • What category consumers perceive as the biggest shrinkflation culprit
  • How repeat purchases are being affected
  • What effect shrinkflation has on loyalty 

Have a pitch for the podcast? Contact SN Executive Editor Chloe Riley at [email protected], or reach out and say hi on LinkedIn. Thanks so much for listening. 

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