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The SN News Quiz!
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The SN News Quiz: Dairy dollar sales still down

Here are the results of last week’s three-question quiz

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. What grocery delivery company just announced it would be cutting 250 jobs, as well as losing its COO?

  • DoorDash
  • Instacart (you got it!)
  • Uber Eats

2. What is SpartanNash doing with its inventory robot Tally?

  • Expanding its use to more stores (woohoo!)
  • Getting rid of it after a failed pilot
  • Adding on to the list of tasks it can perform

3. Why is Kroger being sued by the state of Kentucky?

  • For the sale of expired meat
  • For a grocery development that it backed out of
  • For alleged unsafe opioid prescriptions (yes!)

Bonus question: The dairy category is facing challenges in 2024, with holdover issues that began in 2023. At the end of last year, dairy dollar sales at the supermarket decreased by 5.1%, according to figures released by the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA).

Are you seeing dairy sales struggle within your store/s?

  1. Yes I am seeing dairy sales struggle (52.6%)
  2. No I am not seeing dairy sales struggle (39.5%)
  3. Other (7.9%

Looks like the majority of you are seeing dairy sales struggle within your store/s.


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