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The SN News Quiz!
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The SN News Quiz: Prepared foods are still going strong

Here are the results of last week’s recent three-question quiz

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. What strategy is Target using to rival Walmart’s price domination?

  • Little price drops where possible
  • Little affordable luxuries (yep, that’s it!)
  • Little or no price hikes

2. Who’s opening a brand new case-ready beef facility in 2025?

  • Walmart (correct!)
  • Hy-vee
  • Costco

3. What’s driving baby food sales right now?

  • Plant-based and organic
  • Clean labels and convenience (yep!)
  • Strained peas and EVEN MORE STRAINED PEAS

BONUS question: Our recent fresh food trends survey indicates that prepared foods are still a profitable bright spot for grocers. On a scale of 1-10 clouds (with 1 being “meh” and 10 being “awesome”), how are prepared food performing for your store / company?

  • The average score here was 7 out of 10...things are looking good in the prepared foods world!

Want even more grocery news?? Take this week’s SN Daily news quiz here. Betcha can't get all three!

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