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Hank’s Floral Makes the Best of Super Bowl Sunday

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Beer and bouquets go together. At least they do on Super Bowl Sunday at Hank’s Thriftway.

Floral manager Lowanda Ancheta had a brainstorm last year that was successful enough for her to repeat it this year. She placed a stand of small bouquets in front of the beer display last year on Super Bowl weekend and sold quite a few of them, she said.

“I wouldn’t say it was a huge success, but it was good enough that I’ll do it again,” Ancheta told SN last week.

“On Super Bowl weekend, the beer cooler is the most active part of the store. I don’t put any high-end bouquets out there. But I figure for $8 to $14, they [the beer buyers] might be persuaded to buy one. I use mostly carnations and mums.”

Ancheta’s thinking is this: If a guy’s buddies are coming over to watch the big game at his house, he might figure his wife deserves a bouquet of flowers.

“After all, it’s the woman who’ll be doing all the work, serving the beer and the food, while the men watch television,” Ancheta said.

She also said that some men will pick up a bouquet as a house gift if they’re going to be watching the game at a buddy’s house.

Last year, she made up signs that made those suggestions, and she said she was going to do the same this year.

“We have a huge craft beer section and all the other beer is right behind it. So if I put the bouquets and signs in front of the two displays, they can’t be missed.” 

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