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GS1 US Creates New Traceability Readiness Programs

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — GS1 US has released online readiness programs to assist companies in the food industry in creating product traceability programs.

The Seafood Traceability Readiness Program and Dairy, Deli, Bakery Traceability Readiness Program include webinars, interactive tools and resources, and a community group for sharing best practices.

Subscribers will learn how to utilize GS1 standards to share product data up and down the supply chain and how that impacts efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. Educational materials will also cover Bioterrorism Act and Food Safety Modernization Act compliance as it relates to traceability, as well as how best to choose solution providers.

“Companies in the seafood and dairy, deli and bakery industries are working hard to improve traceability processes,” Angela Fernandez, vice president, grocery retail and consumer packaged goods at GS1 US, said in a statement. “These readiness programs provide the education, resources, and community support necessary to implement traceability processes that help companies meet customer expectations for safe, authentic, nutritious foods and differentiate their brand in the marketplace.”


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