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Peanut Council: Shoppers Not Avoiding Peanut Products

PORTALES, N.M. — Now in its fourth week, the Sunland Inc. peanut product recall involves several hundred SKUs, and categories as varied as ice cream and pet food. But despite the breadth of products, the American Peanut Council said consumers aren’t avoiding peanut products altogether.

“We haven’t gotten a single consumer call here in the office asking any questions about it, and I haven’t heard any reports from our industry members about consumption changing,” said Patrick Archer, president of the APC, Alexandria, Va.

Sunland recalled 311 peanut products as of last week, including almond and peanut butters sold under Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Target, Fresh & Easy and Heinen’s private label lines, and raw and roasted shelled and in-shell peanuts distributed to produce houses and nationally to large supermarket chains.

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“As far as Sunland is concerned our [recall] list has been complete, but there is a ripple effect since Sunland sold a lot of bulk peanuts,” said Sunland spokeswoman Katalin Coburn. “The final users have to issue their own recall.”

While Fresh & Easy, Heinen’s, Sprouts and Safeway did not return SN’s request for comment, Coburn is confident that its private-label retailers will continue their business with Sunland when its plants become operational in six to eight weeks.

“We have received tremendous support from our private-label customers, and yes, we will be back with the private-label brands," she said.

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