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‘Facts Up Front’ Adds Online Component

WASHINGTON — A new interactive web-based site for consumers and nutrition professionals was unveiled today by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute as part of the industry’s Facts Up Front nutrition labeling program.

The site,, is designed to help consumers understand how the front-of-pack label works, and provides tools to assist them in determining their nutritional needs. The tabs are divided into four sections: About, Nutrition 101, How to Use and Professional Resources.

“We want them to use this to build a healthful diet, right from the start in the store aisles while they shop,” said Pam Bailey, president and CEO, Grocery Manufacturers Association, during a webinar introducing the new site.

The interactive portions of the site are extensive and allow users to learn about each icon on the six-part label. In the Nutrition 101 section, the nutrition calculator was praised by focus groups who studied the site’s prototype.

“During our research, the calculator proved to be one of our most popular tools,” said Robin Plotkin, a registered dietitian and a Facts Up Front advisory board member. “As one person told us, ‘I think they are recognizing that everyone is different.’’

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Facts Up Front was introduced by the food industry in early 2011 as “Nutrition Keys” before its name was changed several months later to better reflect its mission of moving information from the Nutrition Facts panel required by law on all food products to the front of the package.

To date, more than 50 retailers and CPG companies have signed up to use the system on their private labels and branded products, respectively.

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