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Kowalski’s Holds Class on Digestive Health

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Kowalski’s Markets, always adding to its roster of in-store classes for its customers, scheduled its first on digestive health Thursday evening, and two more classes on that subject are set for later this month.

The class, Better Health Starts in Your Gut, will feature as guest speaker Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, who practices at Minneapolis’s Allina Health Penny George Institute for Health and Healing.

After his presentation on how important it is to treat your digestives system with the right foods, registered dietitian Sue Moores, Kowalski’s nutritionist, will offer samples of high-fiber foods such as Kowalski’s deli-made bean and whole grain salad and other high-fiber items from the chain’s deli menu.

“We’ll also be sampling prebiotic and probiotic items such as kefir and kim-chi and probiotic yogurt,” Moores told SN.

“You can tell people what they should eat for better digestive health, but it’s important to give them the opportunity to taste some of the things we’re always talking about, and since classes are held in our stores, people are in an environment where they can buy the items, or at least, think about it.”

Earlier this year, Kowalski’s had a cardiologist, also from the Penny George Institute, and customer feedback was “terrific,” Moores said. They asked for more classes that show easy ways to make food a healer or maintainer of good health.

“The classes fill up so quickly,” Moores said. 


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She initiated the classes on digestive health.

“For the last couple of years, it has become apparent to me that our gut is the epicenter for our health,” Moores said.

Plotnikoff talks about digestive issues most often being the cause of people staying out of work, and he suggests that medicines should not be the first thought in a person’s mind. In fact, emphasizes that food is a wonderful tool for good health.

“His holistic approach is right in sync with ours at Kowalski’s,” Moores said. “It fits beautifully with our  philosophy.”

The doctor will be featured on a culinary segment on a local affiliate of NBC-TV this Saturday, and will talk about his classes at Kowalski’s.

“We can be sure those remaining classes will be filled that day. That’s what happened when the cardiologist was on that TV segment,” Moores said. “It’s a wonderful partnership we have with the Penny George Institute.”

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