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Magazine to Publish Healthy Food List

NEW YORK Health magazine has created the “Must Eat List,” a guide to healthy packaged and fresh foods sold in supermarkets.

“Our goal is to better educate consumers on making truly smart choices at the supermarket,” said Health Editor-in-Chief Ellen Kunes.

With the assistance of a panel of nutrition and food science experts, Health editors have established a set of criteria and will evaluate packaged and fresh foods and beverages to create an expanding list of grocery items worthy of being called a “Must-Eat.”

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The criteria can be viewed at To make the “Must-Eat List,” a food or beverage must be free of ingredients that may be harmful to your health, and at the same time contain one or more nutrients that have been scientifically proven to promote good health.

Product submissions will also be evaluated on taste. Products can be submitted at Submissions will be reviewed through Jan. 10, 2013.

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