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‘Power greens’ top produce shopping lists at Meijer

The growing popularity of “power greens” and more adventurous consumer palates helped bagged baby kale mark a 200% sales increase at Meijer stores in 2013, the retailer said Monday.

Meijer also said it anticipates the trend will continue in 2014, citing high expectations for sales of items including Swiss chard and turnip greens.


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“Consumers are being more adventurous in produce choices, so if they liked kale, they may reach for another unfamiliar green,” Melissa Hehmann, a regisitered dietician for Mejier said in a release. “In addition to trying new produce, consumers are rethinking traditional staples like cauliflower. Cauliflower can be mashed like potatoes, grilled like steak, and used as a gluten-free option for things like pizza crust.”

Meijer said “power greens” topped the list of its top-selling produce in 2013. Other items on the list were fresh herbs, portabella mushrooms, sweet potatoes and clementines.

Meijer said it also expects to see continued growth in organics and its Locally Grown program in 2014. The latter supplies Meijer stores around the Midwest with fruits and vegetables from more than 100 local growers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky.

“Organics is one of our fasted growing categories in the Meijer produce department,” Scott Calandra, a produce buyer for Meijer, said. “And Meijer shoppers enjoy shopping produce grown near their community and around the Midwest.”

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