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Sobeys, IGA promote healthy eating in Quebec

Sobeys, IGA promote healthy eating in Quebec

Sobeys Quebec and IGA have launched a program called the “Joy of Eating Better” to encourage healthy food habits among customers, employees and suppliers.

For its employees, Sobeys Quebec began offering cooking classes and made changes to vending machines and cafeterias.


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In stores, Sobeys Quebec notes that it promotes non-GMO certified produce, while IGA stores now sell organic ground beef and Certified Humane pork.

IGA partnered with three Canadian food television personalities — Josée di Stasio, Christian Bégin and Stefano Faita (pictured above) — to showcase the “Joy of Eating Better” in flyers, TV and web ads, and stores. The three food ambassadors will provide recipes and other healthy eating tips.

“We think that many Quebecers have gotten stuck between a lack of time, inferior food options, and limited cooking skills, and are losing out on pleasure. So we made a commitment to support them in their choices — from the grocery shelf to the plate,” Sobeys Quebec president Claude Tessier said in a press release.

Sobeys Quebec plans to hold food fairs with local producers, as well as host a forum on food for its suppliers in October.

Last fall, Sobeys created a "Better Food for All" program with chef Jamie Oliver to help customers with their food choice.

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