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SOLD! on health and wellness real estate

SOLD! on health and wellness real estate

Last year we dedicated real estate in our stores to our Living Well health and wellness initiative. Here’s what we learned…


The endcaps that performed the best were in the front of the store, facing the checkouts near Starbucks or the main entrance and marked with substantial signage (see image). Not only were we able to sell more product, but it communicated to our customers, as soon as they stepped in the door, that we are committed to health and wellness.


Customers are hunting for wholesome solutions. Curate these products together in one consistent and dependable location, making it easy for them to fill their carts with nutritious choices.


We select only 3-5 products at a time and used large groupings of the same items so the display would have a dramatic impact (see image).


Keep it neat and tidy. Minimize clutter. Use woven baskets on the shelves to hold smaller items like spices or protein bars. Fill in any gaps that are created when using shorter items alongside taller ones by stacking the shorter items on granite slabs. Radius shelving takes the edge off and gives your display an interesting dimension. And, freestanding, galvanized bucket pedestals in front of the display maximize selling space, while still keeping it easy on the eye.


Update the display on a monthly basis to keep it fresh. Use a different theme every month for example, healthy: Back to school, comfort foods, snacking and holiday. Or, pull together key ingredients for a nutritious recipe each month, making sure to also supply a copy of the recipe at the display (see Easy Street).


Although most customers know that spending their shopping dollar on healthy food choices is the best investment they can make, bottom line is everyone wants a deal. Coordinate with your buyers to ensure that whatever is being displayed is also on sale.


Pick a two-hour window one day each month to sample a few of the products on the display. We found 4-6 p.m. on a Friday very effective and called it a “Healthy Happy Hour.” It was then promoted in a fun and casual way via social media.


Your associates are the best ambassadors for a health and wellness initiative. Let them sample these items. Get them excited about feeling healthy. They are an invaluable asset and the ones that end up closing the deal with the customer.

Are you already in the market? If so, please share your health and wellness real estate tips with us.

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