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Solutions to fuel your workday, part 2: Smart snacking for you and your customers

Solutions to fuel your workday, part 2: Smart snacking for you and your customers

Circle the letter that best applies to you.

Showing up to work snack-less will leave me to the mercy of:
A) The plate of stale manufactured cookies from last week (that will leave lacerations on the roof of my mouth, yet because I am not a quitter, I will chomp down despite the pain).
B) The omnipresent line-up of “nothing says party like baked goods" (because every day is a celebration)
C) Pizza from the supplier (because those calories don’t count, they said).
D) The obligatory reception desk candy bowl (which I would never eat outside of work, but when my blood sugar dips I dive in with both hands).
E) The coffee pot (I sometimes drink the whole thing because, well, there are no calories in black coffee).
F) All of the above (even though I know that none of these are a sustainable long-term health plan for my body, mind and spirit).

Go green

Because a reception desk veggie tray is a rare find and a vendor “salad for everyone par-tay…YEAH!” most likely isn’t going to happen, plan your healthy workday snacks ahead of time. It’s simple. It just takes a little discipline. Over time, you will get in the groove of keeping your healthy snacks with you. They will keep your brain fired up and your blood sugar will feel more like gentle rolling hills and less like a roller coaster. Think green veggies and you really can’t go wrong. Your family, your team, your doctor and your body will thank you.

Think they're going to be cold, wet and soggy? Think again. Here are links to two very easy recipes, one crisp and one warm, to keep your mojo flowing:

EZ Kale Chips: Properly stored, they will keep for weeks. Salty, crunchy…kale-yeah!

Edamame: Can be eaten warmed or at room temperature.


While you are keeping your crew healthy, happy and productive at work, your shoppers need to do the same for themselves, their families and/or their teams. Way too many busy adults starve themselves all day. Not by choice, but by perceived necessity. Then when 5 o’clock rolls around, they are a biochemical mess and let’s just say, “what happens in the car, stays in the car.”

This large demographic needs help, which means big opportunity for grocery retailers. Let’s arm these busy souls with solutions. Make healthy snacking easy. Provide a consistent area in the store that is freshened monthly, where they can find reliable information, nutritious recipes and wholesome products that all revolve around workplace snacking. A place where they can regularly and confidently buy natural and organic products that taste good. Maybe even offer quarterly classes on the subject to keep fresh ideas flowing and the customer engaged. Most people are busy; retain these customers by caring about and responding to their needs. They’ll eat it up and be back again and again.

What is your fave healthy go-to snack while at work? And, how are you inspiring your customers and your team to keep their mojo flowing with healthy snacking throughout the day? Empower us with a smart snacking wisdom bomb or two by commenting below.

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